abs(R) Research Launches Energy Transportation Fuel Index

TransFuel IndexOn May 1, 2017 abs(R) Research launched the ABSR TransFuel Index™. The TransFuel Index is a unique commodity based index as it focuses exclusively on the growing transportation energy sector and includes both fossil fuel and biofuel components.

  • Fossil Fuel & Renewable Fuel Components
  • Passive Alternative Beta "altBeta™"
  • Dynamic "Finance Carry" Roll Methodology
  • Annual Rebalance/Reconstitution Frequency
  • Liquid Exchange Traded Futures Components

A combination of environmental concerns surrounding fossil fuels, combined with recent technological innovations in alternative fuels is changing the energy landscape. While motor gasoline has been the dominate source of transportation fuel since the 1950’s, motor gasoline represents a steadily declining fuel source as distillate fuel and biofuels gain ground. The transportation energy sector which is likely to become the single largest sector of energy consumption in the United States in the coming years is evolving accordingly. The ABSR Index was created to accurately track the dynamic nature of the input costs associated with transportation fuel.

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Important Disclaimer Information: The pre-inception historical data results are based on criteria applied retroactively with the benefit of hindsight and knowledge of factors that may have positively affected its performance, and the pre-inception data cannot account for all financial risk that may affect actual performance. Actual performance may vary significantly from pre-inception data. Actual performance may vary from historical data due to factors including but not limited to: liquidity, volatility, transaction costs, market gaps, disruption of trading access to products and exchanges or other market factors. ©2017 ABSR Research. All rights reserved.