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When it comes to markets, timing is everything! We never guess when it comes to purchasing or marketing decisions and neither should you. As an independent and unbiased researcher, our mission is to provide producers, end users, and market professionals with the most comprehensive market intelligence at an extraordinary value. 

 Your Passion is Farming...Our Passion is Research and Trading...


To be successful managing risk or trading in commodity markets, you must have and know your "edge".

Your edge is the advantage you achieve when you merge the three most important factors to successful risk management: methodology, probability and discipline.

Gain the Edge...

  • Methodology - A plan based on logic and probability eliminates the introduction of forecasts, opinion, bias, and emotion which can lead to uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, and guesswork. Markets are unpredictable, volatile, and often force us to make difficult decisions on a limited time schedule. A pre-established plan means your prepared before market dislocations occur and ahead of the crowd.

  • Probability - A plan and/or method alone will not insure success, it must be backed by rigorous testing and provide a positive expected outcome. Our proprietary combination of trend monitors, technical momentum indicators, seasonal pattern data, and execution methods give us a proven high probability to identify and capture market price extremes.

  • Discipline - Like farming or ranching, success in the markets is a marathon not a sprint. Without discipline the best laid plans and probability are meaningless. In short, discipline is the ability to stay the coarse while others are wavering. Lack of discipline is the single greatest reason most participants fail in the market. Being a disciplined risk manager is far easier when you have confidence in your methods and plan to employ them.


Following the Edge Plan is Simple...

The Edge plan was designed around the same methodologies used by the most sophisticated commodity trading advisors and institutional risk mangers and tailored to meet the needs of commodity producers and end users. While the algorithms behind our model are complicated, following the plan is easy.  Here's how it works...

ABSR Edge Matrix

1 - The ABSR model runs hundreds of calculations daily on each commodity and quantifies the "state of the market". We illustrate these various indicators and statistics through easy to read graphs, charts, and gauges. Grid plots like the ABSR Edge Matrix make it easy to identify markets at extreme prices at a glance. The most critical data we gather is summarized each day in our Agriculture Edge Market Monitor.

2 - When a commodity contract has reached levels that have statistically been shown to represent extreme levels in the past, we send subscribers a text message alert notifying them it may be time to take action. Our signal alerts are specific and more importantly quantifiable. They include time, price, order type, confidence, and execution level all before the next trading session opens. An analysis of each signal alert is outlined in our daily Edge Monitor that is delivered via email before 7am CT.

3 - No producer or end user is alike, each has their own break-even level, regional basis, cash requirements or constraints and inventory or use needs. Our methodology is flexible and allows you to make decisions based on your own individual situation. Once a signal alert has been generated, we employ a "decision tree" process to help identify an optimized course of action for that specific signal.


Independent...we are not brokers or have any bias to sell you risk management products. Our sole mission is to provide our clients statistically generated market intelligence for optimizing marketing, purchasing and trading decisions.

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"The ABSR site is a must stop every day in my market prep.  It’s a great source of information and analysis that helps me focus on opportunities for my own trading and for my clients. Shawn has been one of the best private market research resources on the street for a long time and it’s great to see his work available to a wider audience."

Jim E. – Pres., EMI Institutional Markets


"The ABSR website has quickly become my first “go-to” source for agricultural market data.  Shawn Bingham’s research is very thorough and intentionally formatted in a concise, easy-to-read format.  I have found it useful for tracking trading trends along with helping me confirm my market conviction."

Larry Shover, CIO & Portfolio Manager, Solution Funds Group




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