When it comes to markets, timing is everything! We never guess when it comes to market decisions and neither should you. As an independent and unbiased researcher, Our mission is simple... provide producers and end users independent and unbiased market intelligence at an extraordinary value.

 Your Passion is Farming...Our Passion is Research and Trading...

To be successful managing market risk, you need an edge.

"Edge" is the advantage you achieve when you merge: methodology, probability and discipline.

  • Methodology - Only a system based on logic and probability can eliminate forecasts, opinion, bias, and emotion which lead to uncertainty, anxiety, and guesswork. Our system is derived from years of research and experience as an institutional commodity trader.

  • Probability - A method alone will not insure success, it must be backed by rigorous testing and provide a positive expected outcome. Our proprietary combination of trend monitors, technical momentum indicators and seasonal/historical data give us a proven ability to identify market price extremes.

  • Discipline - Like farming, success in the markets is a marathon not a sprint. Without discipline, the best laid plans and probability are meaningless.  Discipline is the ability to stay the coarse while others are wavering. Method and probability go along way to help create discipline.

It is not by chance commodity trading is becoming ever increasingly dominated by algorithmic trading models. Professional traders and managed money funds discovered the power and predictability of this "edge" years ago and now all but a very few employ discretionary decisions. The fact is, if you are making timing decisions based on opinions or "gut feel", you are probably leaving money on the table. Our goal is to provide you market timing signals based on the same systematic and statistical methods used by top fund advisors.

What makes us different?

We have no affiliation with any FCM, introducing broker, or insurance service. We advise based on best available research and strategy with no commission bias. 

Our market timing signals were developed with the same standards and methodologies employed by professional commodity trading advisors.     

Our buy and sell signals are specific, quantifiable, and robust. They include time, price, allocation, and confidence level for every alert.

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"The ABSR site is a must stop every day in my market prep.  It’s a great source of information and analysis that helps me focus on opportunities for my own trading and for my clients. Shawn has been one of the best private market research resources on the street for a long time and it’s great to see his work available to a wider audience."

Jim E. – Pres., EMI Institutional Markets


"The ABSR website has quickly become my first “go-to” source for agricultural market data.  Shawn Bingham’s research is very thorough and intentionally formatted in a concise, easy-to-read format.  I have found it useful for tracking trading trends along with helping me confirm my market conviction."

Larry Shover, CIO & Portfolio Manager, Solution Funds Group



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