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Market Signal Alerts

The ABSR model was specifically designed to identify price peaks and valleys that occur during the final 12 month period of a contracts expiration cycle. Using Dec 2018 corn for example, we will generate signals from Dec 1, 2017 to Nov 30, 2018 (first notice day). Historically, our model identifies 6-7 buy and sell signals on average during that period.

Our programs are recalculated each evening between 6:30pm-8:00pm CT and if a new signal is generated, we send a text alert message to your cell phone notifying you it may be time to take action. Each text message will contain a specific date and price along with our estimated confidence level and execution percentage quantity based on the average number of signals.

Signal alerts represent the “probability” portion of our total plan. In addition to the signal, we need to make individual decisions based on your specific risk management appetite, inventory, and local variables. Once we have probability on our side, our daily Ag Edge Market Monitor is designed to help you analyze your options. Along with our own analysis of the new signals you can make optimum decisions based on factors such as trend, momentum, carry, basis, seasonal and even fundamental factors.

Of course we are also here to chat, explain our analysis and work with you to make decisions based around your needs.

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