About ABSR Research, LLC

ABSR is an independent and unbiased commodity markets research and analysis firm. ABSR Research, LLC is not affiliated with, nor receives brokerage or other compensation from any futures commission merchant, introducing broker or execution platform provider. Our sole mission is to provide best in class commodity market research and next generation liquid commodity indices. The ABSR platform is specifically designed to assist agricultural producers, end users and market participants research, plan, and manage their commodity exposures.

At ABSR, we apply the same time tested and rigorous market monitoring, trade timing and execution methodologies of successful commodity trading advisors. Subscribers receive our daily market brief highlighting market trends, fundamental factors and time sensitive price action as seen through the lens of our historical research. They also receive our proprietary marketing/trading advisory signals to assist in making informed and statistically significant market timing decisions.

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ABSR was founded by Shawn Bingham, a 25+ year veteran of the futures and options industry and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. He has been a member of both the Chicago Board of Trade and Chicago Board Options Exchange. Shawn's past employment includes industry recognized best in class firms Chicago Research & Trading, HSBC Securities and Prudential Financial. In 2005 Mr. Bingham co-founded Midwest Trading Partners, a National Futures Association registered commodity trading advisory firm located outside of Chicago, Illinois. In 2006 Midwest was awarded a coveted Top Ten Advisor program designation for performance by Managed Accounts Reports (MarHedge). Through his career Mr. Bingham has provided advisory, execution, and managed account services for multinational banks, investment banks, hedge funds, HNW/family offices, Fortune 500 com

panies and global reserve banks.

In 2016, Mr. Bingham launched ABSR Research to focus on providing services for commodity producers/end users and the alternative investment management community. He designed and launched the ABSR Rotation Rebalanced Commodity Index, a best in class liquid alternative beta index with a proprietary roll and commodity seasonal weighting methodology. In addition ABSR is employing its significant institutional level commodity trading experience to provide a platform to assist commodity producers, transformation agents, purchasers, and market participants in making informed, unbiased, and structured market timing decisions.