Volatile weekend ahead highlights benefits of rules based marketing

ABSR Research: Chart of the Day

This weekends G-20 summit and the volatility that it will produce is a good reason to highlight the importance of a “rules based” marketing plan. The entire purpose behind a system based on proven signals is to relieve the stress and forced decision making that events like this create. Professional commodity traders do this mainly because they already know the positive long term odds it will produce and secondly if they didn’t, they would probably have much shorter lives constantly stressing over the 20 to 80 contracts they may have on at any given time. Today’s chart of the day is the Jan 19 soybean since our signal period began on Jan 1, 2018. As you can see, we were already setting shorts well before the trade war began when our model was generating overbought conditions. To date our weighted average sell price (SF19) is $10.11 per bushel. Would we have taken every signal or only used the Jan contract, of course not, but we received the same signals in the Nov 18 future as well contracts after Jan 19. The point here is the system told us we needed to sell something, buy puts, etc…and now the stress of this weekend event is much reduced. Markets are evolving and becoming more difficult to navigate as larger players dominate flows, is your marketing plan keeping up?

Shawn Bingham, CAIA

Source(s): ABSR Research, Commodity Systems Inc.

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